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Capital Improvement Coordination

In September 2011, one of our institutional clients released substantial funding for capital projects with the requirement that work be completed by the end of the year.  The projects included roof and asphalt replacement at several at several locations; with each project requiring a detailed scope of work and competitive bid.

Problem:  One shopping center had a newly renovated Stop & Shop which opened in late June.  Since the parking field could not be replaced at the same time, the attractiveness of the renovated store was diminished by the look of the deteriorated asphalt.  With the project approved, a major push was made to replace the parking field before the asphalt plants closed.  The $500,000 scope included the complete reclamation and re-grading of the 6.6 acre lot timed to hit just as late-Fall weather pushed in.  A spec was prepared, bids were obtained and a contractor was selected by mid-October.  Stop & Shop made it very clear that the project had to be wrapped up by mid-November so there would be no disruption during the shopping days leading up to Thanksgiving.

Solution:  The selection of a motivated, experienced and knowledgeable asphalt contractor who could make intelligent decisions in the field was key.  Communication between the contractor, Neville and the tenants, particularly the Stop & Shop store manager, was vital as paving schedules tend to be fluid due to weather conditions. With Neville’s dedicated property management team, a committed contractor who understood the reality of keeping the center open, and terrific communication between all parties, the newly graded and striped parking field opened in time for the busy Thanksgiving shopping season.

At Neville your priorities are our mandates.  This Case Study could be about tenant retention, management dedication, or vendor selection.  All you need to know is that we will go the extra mile for you.