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Stonewater Equipment Efficiency

In August of 2008 Neville took over management of three Class A office structures totaling 140,000sf.  These structures were housed on the top of Water Tower Hill in Colchester, VT.  One issue we faced related to the elevation of the structures and providing potable water to upper floors.  The original owner had addressed the issue using jockey pumps.

Problem: The jockey pumps cycled on and off as they hit their set limits for the water pressure.  In turn, the water pressure on the upper floor swung inconsistently, causing issues for plumbing unless the set limits were maintained close to 60 lbs/sq in at all times.  Maintaining these limits caused pump fatigue and failure, and was highly inefficient.

Solution:  Neville recognized this issue quickly and worked with local mechanical contractor, New England Air Systems, to replace the equipment with variable speed pumps.  The replacement provides consistent pressure to upper floors, lowered electrical usage, and longer life for the pumps, the bearings and the impellers.

Neville believes that your property manager needs to get their “boots on the ground” regularly so small issues don’t become larger.