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Facilities Management: the integration and alignment of the non-core services related to the premises required to operate and maintain a business …

Neville facilities management (FM) assignments typically fall into two categories – corporate or institutional.

An example of Corporate FM is the company who owns or leases a large property where that company is making widgets or churning paper. The company is good at widget production but doesn’t want to deal with operational issues such as roof replacement, furniture reconfiguration, or coffee stir-sticks. All of these “non-core” services can be successfully outsourced to Neville.

Institutional FM differs in that Neville will handle certain portions, but not all, of a property management assignment. As an example, Neville handles shopping center management for a large grocery concern, where the mother office for the grocery collects rents and directs leasing while Neville operates the on-site operations … managing the facility.

Let Neville take care of your “non-core” hassles.