Neville Companies

Competence, Experience, Integrity


How do you keep high quality office space “Class A”?

“Class A” has always represented the best of the market, and it’s no different in office space.  But keeping quality office product at the top of the market requires the efforts of an active, attentive and creative property manager.  Neville provides this horsepower.

High quality office attracts tenants who expect performance.  Neville employs highly trained site technicians to provide immediate touch, experienced property managers to strike the right balance of cost for performance, and senior management to guide and assist our property managers when capital or complexity calls for an additional set of eyes.

Our management portfolio is predominantly suburban, high quality, low- and mid-rise buildings.  Neville also manages several low-rise single tenant/use structures.

Neville turbocharges your investment to perform at the top of the scale.