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Neville Real Estate Management is quite simply the best quality and service anywhere in New England. Ask our clients and customers.

Valued Advice
Decisive Execution
Planned Results

From offices in Vermont & Massachusetts, Neville provides superior commercial & investment real estate management services to private investors, corporations and institutions throughout New England.

Geoffrey Grab

President (617) 591-9595 x1030
Neville Co.

Michelle Lincoln

Controller (802) 862-0208 x1013
Neville Co.

Gabrielle Gambler

Human Resources & Operations Manager (802) 419-6415
Neville Co.

Roger Tyler

Vice President & Portfolio Mgr (617) 591-9595 x1033
Neville Co.

Dan Fallon

Vice President & Director of Property Management (617) 591-9595 x1037
Neville Co.

Zach Gardner

Property Manager (617) 591-9595 x1038
Neville Co.

Carmela Curley

Assistant Property Manager (617) 591-9595 x1039
Neville Co.

Lori DeSantis

Property Administrator (617) 591-9595 x1034
Neville Co.

Gerry Hanifin

Sr. Property Manager (802) 862-0208 x1026
Neville Co.

Coty Fitzgerald

Property Manager (802) 862-0208 x1014
Neville Co.

Madeline Marquardt

Assistant Property Manager (802) 862-0208 x1012
Neville Co.

Heidi Cannon

Assistant Controller (802) 862-0208 x1020
Neville Co.

Tammy Merchant

Sr. Accountant (802) 862-0208 x1024
Neville Co.

Megan Hodgkins

Bookkeeper (802) 862-0208 x1040
Neville Co.

Krista Luchini

Property Accountant (802) 862-x1018
Neville Co.

Becky Wollaber

Accounting Specialist (802) 862-0208 x1025
Neville Co.

Donna Kaczmarek

Director of Site Administration (802) 862-0208 x1036
Neville Co.

Jay Masci

Maintenance Technician
Neville Co.

Drew Markey

Maintenance Technician
Neville Co.

Kathy Ladd

Neville Co.

Doug Lacombe

Maintenance Technician
Neville Co.

Dan Isabelle

Facilities Manager
Neville Co.

Gordon Hayes

Maintenance Technician
Neville Co.

Keith Borak

Maintenance Technician

Neville got its start in Vermont in 1989, and continues to march across New England and the Northeast

If you’re in New England, You’re within our sight.

Take advantage of our footprint.

Property Management

You don’t call a lawyer to run your bank, You don’t call a plumber to wire your building, Why ask your brokerage firm to manage?

Management deserves more than an afterthought.

Neville’s priority is attending to your best interest. We’re managing your asset 24/7/365. Trust us for sound advice and direction. You will sleep better.

Facilities Management

You’re a banker. You’re a manufacturer. You’re a retailer. So why are you trying to be a facilities manager?

Focus on your business…not your roof.

Today you need to concentrate on employees at the branches, or prepping marketing at the stores, or getting that proposal out the door.

Let Neville focus on your space planning and office refit, your comfort during a heat pump replacement, or your lease renewal.

Ancillary Services

When you need a trusted real estate pro to help you negotiate a lease, to analyze the ROI for an upcoming capital project, to lead the charge with a tax grievance, or to just talk through market conditions, Neville can help.

Decades of experience at your fingertips.

  • Real Estate Advisory
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Tax Grievance Assistance
  • Owner Representation for Construction & TI
  • Project Management & Smaller GC Projects
  • Lease Administration & Abstracts
  • CAM Reviews & Audits
  • Court Receiverships


Join us at Neville! Our management, accounting and maintenance teams can always use hard working, enthusiastic, creative folks with great common sense, to help develop and implement winning strategies.

Providing Property & Facilities Management services throughout New England, we pride ourselves on being the largest third-party management firm in the State of Vermont, and a significant competitor throughout the northeast. Our Administrative and Management positions require exemplary written and oral communications skills along with proficiency in the Microsoft Office suite, and particularly Word, Excel and Outlook.

Further, all openings necessitate proven organizational skills and a penchant to detail. We seek individuals who are able to manage intricate and competing priorities while handling multiple tasks simultaneously. If you are looking for a position that is both challenging and rewarding, Neville may be the place for you. Neville Companies is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Careers contact [email protected]


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South Burlington, VT 05403
107 Audubon Rd.
Ste 201
Wakefield, MA 01880
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Neville Co.

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Bartlett Brook Apartments, 1690 Shelburne Road, South Burlington

1 Month Free Rent on Leases Starting by 12/1/16. West side of building offers spectacular views of Lake Champlain. East side of building offers views beautiful of wooded acreage. Large…

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